Developpement in Sahara

The new regional development model for the Southern provinces recently presented to King Mohammed VI, is a road map with specific development goals for these provinces, said Tanya Warburg, President of British Association “Freedom For All.”


The model presented to the Sovereign by President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE), Chakib Benmoussa, offers a comprehensive and clear assessment of development issues in these provinces, Warburg told MAP, noting that the presentation of this innovative strategy is part of the Moroccan autonomy plan and the program of regionalization.


This new strategy which is the result of a detailed and thorough study conducted by the CESE, based on broad regional consultation and a participatory approach, offers transparent and objective assessment of the efforts made so far in the field of economic, social and cultural development of the Southern provinces of the Kingdom, the British activist said.


The British activist welcomed in this regard, the significant objectives under this new model such as the creation of job opportunities, strengthening infrastructure, and improving living conditions of the local population.


On a different note, she highlighted the active role of Morocco in the international community, and its commitment to strengthening cooperation between the different partners in the region to guarantee the security and prosperity for all.