NGOs Draw Attention Of HRC On Abuses Perpetrated Against Population In Tindouf Camps

Several international NGOs have drawn the attention of the Human Rights Council in Geneva (March 3-28) on the abuses, perpetrated in total impunity, against the population in the camps of Tindouf camps, which have “become an open prison on Algerian soil.

Representatives of the Agency for International Development and Peace in the Great Lakes region (AIPD) and the Agency for International Development spoke on Tuesday and Wednesday at a Council’s plenary session to denounce the serious violations of human rights in the camps of Lahmada.

“The camps administered by the Polisario Front, with the support of the Algerian army, witness horrifying suffering endured mainly by the younger generations,” said Mrabih Rabou Shaibata, a Saharawi activist who spoke on behalf of AIPD.

These ongoing abuses have posed great danger to the lives of children and young Sahrawis, he regretted, adding that such a situation “necessitates immediate attention of this honorable institution.”