Omar Hilale - Sahara issue: solution neither in New York nor Tindouf, but in Algiers

New York (UN) - Any breakthrough in negotiations over the Moroccan Sahara issue requires a "sincere and good faith" commitment by all parties, especially by Algeria. This country, in particular, must show the necessary political will to break the deadlock over the process, said Moroccan ambassador to the UN, Omar Hilale.

Morocco has met its obligations in the search for a political, lasting and mutually-acceptable solution to this artificial conflict, particularly through its autonomy plan, Hilale told MAP, calling on Algeria "which is behind the status quo", to shoulder its historical responsibilities.

Today this issue is deadlocked because of the Polisario, which has no decision-making power and Algeria which hides behind its creation, noted Hilale.

Concerning human rights, the Moroccan diplomat recalled that the UN Security Council recognized and welcomed recent measures and initiatives undertaken by Morocco to strengthen the National Human Rights Council's regional committees in Laayoune and Dakhla, as well as the Kingdom's interaction with the special procedures of the UN Human Rights Council.