Polisario, Destabilizing Factor in North Africa- Swedish Portal

Stockholm - The Polisario was described in a Swedish news portal (Ledarsidorna.se) as a factor of destabilization in North Africa in light of its involvement in the embezzlement of humanitarian aid and its non-respect of the mandate the UN mission to the Sahara MINURSO.

The Polisario prevented a MINURSO helicopter from landing as part of an inspection mission and denied the access of MINURSO representatives to two camps and the polisario military facilities, deplored the writer of the article Johan Westerholm, expert in political islam.

The writer points out to the polisario involvement in the turmoil in Mali and its connivance with jihadist groups, noting that Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is moving freely between Mali and Algeria using the polisario camps as a recruitment base.

It is a long known fact that AQIM can move freely in Algeria, notes Westerholm, warning of the increasing radicalization among the disenfranchised youth in the camps.

Westerholm then calls on Sweden and the EU to rethink their position vis-à-vis the polisario stating that "support for the Polisario will engender more troubles for us."

The writer also draws a contrast between the turmoil prevailing in the region and the stability enjoyed in Morocco.