Polisario directing attacks against UN, France and Spain

Polisario directing attacks against UN, France and Spain

The Polisario leaders, who suffered bitter diplomatic setbacks in Europe and the United Nations lately, have directed their attacks against the UN, France and Spain.

A senior Polisario official has blamed France and Spain for their support to the autonomy option proposed by Morocco as a solution to the territorial dispute over Western Sahara.

In an interview published Wednesday by the Algerian official news agency “APS” and widely reproduced, as usual, by the Algerian and pro-Polisario media, the Polisario coordinator with MINURSO, M’hamed Kheddad, did not mince his words and clearly accused France and Spain of being responsible for the status quo in Western Sahara and of hampering any possibility of resolving the conflict.

The official of the Sahrawi separatist movement argued that these two European powers (France and Spain) extend unconditional support to the Moroccan regime within European and international fora because of geopolitical calculations and sordid interests and prevent thus any breakthrough towards a solution to the conflict.

A Rabat-based French diplomat commented that Khedad failed to say that the two former colonial powers, which divided the Moroccan territory from Tangier to Lagouira, know better than anyone else that Western Sahara is historically and geographically an integral part of Morocco.

Before the colonial era, Moroccan southern borders stretched as far as the Senegal River, said the diplomat, adding that no one ever heard of the Polisario Front, let alone the so-called Sahrawi Republic, before the departure of the Spanish occupier from the Sahara. And so far, neither the UN nor the European Union have recognized the SADR, he said.

Khedad did not spare the UN in his interview and admitted that the Polisario leaders have been deeply disappointed by the adoption, in April, of the Security Council resolution prolonging for one year the MINURSO mandate without expanding its prerogatives to human rights monitoring in Western Sahara. In addition to that, the resolution demanded a census of the refugees living in the Tindouf camps.

“We are disappointed by the way the UN General Secretariat has addressed the issue this year,” he said before mentioning the old Polisario tactics consisting in threatening to resort to arms whenever the separatists are cornered. The least one can say is that this is a shameful way to blackmail the United Nations and the international community.