Polisario Front In Its Worst Condition, Could Slip into Terrorism: Ross

The United Nations Secretary General’s Personal Envoy to the Western Sahara, Christopher Ross, has reportedly confirmed during a recent closed-door meeting that the Polisario Front is in terrible conditions and it could slip into terrorism, according to a Spanish Journalist.

A Spanish Journalist specializing in Morocco, Ignacio Cembrero, recently revealed in an article that Christopher Ross held a closed-door meeting with senior officials from the Group of Friends of Western Sahara in March, 2014.

Cembrero said that the United Nations Secretary General’s Personal Envoy to the Western Sahara emphasized during the meeting that the Polisario Front “ is living its most difficult circumstances under the pressure of the refugees in the Tindouf Camps, who are demanding results from the negotiations with Rabat.’’

According to the same source, Christopher Ross also noted that ‘’life in the camps of Tindouf has worsened significantly due to the decline of international aid and the economic crisis in Spain, as well as the rising calls to return to war against Morocco”.

Cembrero goes on to add that Ross pointed out during the meeting that ‘’all this may cause the Sahrawis to become terrorists.’’

In a statement to the Moroccan Daily Akhbar Al Yaoum newspaper, the Spanish Journalist explained that he obtained some documents leaked from this meeting.

He noted that the details of the leaked documents ‘’were confirmed by a member-country’s Ambassador.’’ The Group of friends of the Western Sahara incudes the United States, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Russia.