Polisarioleader: Ross killed any hopeof a sehraoui state

A source quoted by news website Hespress from within the so-called General Secretariat of the Polisario Front claims that Christopher Ross, the UN Envoy to the Western Sahara, briefed the Front’s command during his recent visit to the Tindouf camps that the possibility of establishing a Sahrawi state “has become impossible and non-viable.”

The source who spoke on the condition of anonymity told the Arabic-speaking news website that the UN Envoy to the Western Sahara has confirmed the impossibility of establishing a Sahrawi state, mainly because of the continuous protests against the Polisario Front leadership which suggests a lack of consensus and unity around the project of establishing a state led by the Polisario Front.

The same source said that the Polisario leadership found itself in a difficult position following the UN Envoy’s words suggesting the non-viability of their project of establishing a Sahrawi state, adding that the Polisario leaders informed Algeria of the new developments and called for an extraordinary meeting in order to discuss ways to deal with the “serious and disturbing” turnaround in Christopher Ross’s position with regards to the Sahara issue.