Nouakchott: The site is a mineral exploration concession 60 km from the Mauritanian town of Zouerate.

Armed elements of the Polisario Front have attacked a mining site, located 60 km from Zouerate. 


Mauritanian security sources cited by the Mauritanian media Alakhbar,say that the site is subject to a  mineral exploration concession, owned by the Mauritanian Group International Trading, its owner is Mauritanian  businesswoman Khadi Fall. 


When workers were doing their usual work on the site, the Polisario armed militia, broke in, brandishing their guns and intimidating Mauritanian workers  ordering then to leave the field site. They said it was 'now owned by the Polisario Front'. 


According to the same source, the Mauritanian authorities, still maintaining excellent relations with the Algerian government and the Polisario Front, do not have any reaction to this  Polisario attack.