Polisario Police Officer Denounces ‘Humanitarian Abuses’ in Tindouf Camps

A new leaked video shows a police officer from the Polisario Front military group apparently describing the suffering of the Sahrawi people living in the Tindouf camps in Algeria.

He calls upon international human rights organizations to take action against human rights abuses in the camps.

The video was released by Laayoune TV on YouTube on Saturday. It shows a police officer, who has been working for the Polisario Front, dressed in his uniform, openly denouncing human rights abuses in the Tindouf camps.

“I have been working with the military groups of Polisario Front since 2007. And I want to tell the International human rights organizations that we are being abused by the Polisario Front,” police officer Khatri Weld Saleh weld Elouali.

“International human rights organizations should visit the camps to survey the injustice, arrests, and the abuse that the Sahrawi people are experiencing, in addition to their suffering from the high temperature and the scarcity of potable water,” he explained.

He goes on to say that only the Polisario leaders and authorities benefit from humanitarian aid, whereas “only suffering is left for us.”
“These elite [the Polisario leaders and authorities] own luxury houses in Europe and other countries,” he added.