The military tribunal in Rabat on Monday (July 3rd) sentenced two Moroccan soldiers to life imprisonment for inciting civilians and soldiers to «join the rebel groups» of the Polisario Front, as indicated by  Assabah, and reported by the Spanish news agency EFE.

The two soldiers will be incarcerated in the prison of Salé in the military pavilion. They were operating in the region of Bir Gandouz (province Aousserd) near the Moroccan sand wall.

The two arrests were made four months earlier by the military gendarmerie, which had been investigating for several months. The investigation showed that the two soldiers made contact «with parts of the enemy outside the country» and «incited soldiers and civilians to join the Polisario Front», the source said.

The maximum penalty was imposed after evidence was presented demonstrating soldiers' activity on social media. The latter shared the photo of the separatist  movement flag .