Polisario unsettled by Margallo

Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel Garcia-Margallo, has disappointed the Polisario, and consequently Algeria, when he said that Spain would defend at the UN Security Council a negotiated political solution to the Western Sahara conflict.

This steadfast standpoint of the Madrid government, as reiterated by the Spanish Foreign Minister before the Parliament, has also frustrated the Spanish associations supporting the Polisario front.

These organizations were hoping that Madrid would, during her two-year tenure as member of the Security Council, tip the balance in favor of the Algeria-backed Polisario front claiming the independence of Western Sahara.

The position expressed by the Spanish Foreign Minister, however, is not new. Spain, under both the rightist and the leftist governments, has repeatedly said that the autonomy plan presented by Morocco is the most credible proposal for the settlement of the Western Sahara issue. The autonomy plan is equally supported by the US, France and other world capitals.

All these countries deem that the Algerian project to create a sixth state in the Maghreb, under the leadership of the Polisario, is a hazardous adventure in a volatile region. They also consider that Algeria’s ambition to create a State in a desert territory as big as half of Spain with a population that does not exceed one million is not viable.

Geo-strategy pundits also argue that such a scheme will have no consequences other than to inflame a geographical area that is already seriously destabilized by terrorism and trafficking networks. Actually, the region is already prey to jihadist groups that are swarming from the Mauritanian border to Somalia, from Mali, to Libya, Nigeria…