Cortège accueillant Ouallad Moussa à Tindouf

After more than four decades, the Polisario Front has opted for the single-party system. Now, the separatist movement’s leadership is intending to create its own opposition. It decided to roll out the red carpet to the coordinating committee of the «Sahrawi Initiative for Change» and prepare it to speak for the voiceless.

Algeria and the Polisario leadership are still keeping an eye on the «Sahrawi Initiative for Change» (SIC). On Saturday, the separatist movement has authorized a member of SIC’s coordinating committee to conduct a promotional campaign in the Tindouf Camps.


The choice of entrusting Ouallad Moussa, the cousin of M’Hamed Khadad, Saharawi coordinator with MINURSO, with this communicational mission was cleverly calculated and prepared beforehand. Recently, the man was in the spotlight of the Sahrawi media, helped by officials from camp Rabouni.




For the record, the former representative of the Front to the Balearic Islands had been removed from office by his superior, the «Minister of Foreign Affairs». To put it in other words, the SIC coordinating committee did not expect to be treated this way especially after the launching of its «initiative».


Break up with the single-party system


This decision has significantly boosted the actions of the SIC. This is confirmed by the warm welcome Ouallad Moussa received at his arrival in Smara camps.


The return of M'Hamed Khadad's cousin marks indeed the effective start of the Sahrawi Initiative for Change on the Saharawi scene. Meetings are also are scheduled to promote a political movement in the making. A source contacted by Yabiladi explains the context:


«The main objective of the SIC is to restore the prestige of the Polisario leadership, particularly on the international scene. It allows it to pretend that it is a leadership that tolerates opposition».


In the past, the Front has been careful in dealing with all reform projects in the camps. In 2010, Mustapha Ould Salma did not receive the same treatment. Arrested, tortured and deported to Mauritania for showing his intention to defend the Moroccan autonomy plan.


The SIC is supported by a coordinating committee composed of three people, including El Hadj Ahmed Barakallah, Boukhari Ahmed's brother and representative of the Polisario at the UN, and Ouallad Moussa.