One of the big problems bothering the new leader of the Polisario, Brahim Ghali, is to find ways to end the diplomatic collapse of the Front, whose recent setback came from Jamaica which withdrew its recognition of the self-proclaimed Sahrawi Republic. This is just the visible part of the iceberg, according to an informed source in the Tindouf camps.


Over the recent past years, some 46 countries have withdrawn their recognition of the pseudo Sahrawi Republic. Most of these countries have finally realized the deceit behind the proclamation of this whimsical entity by the Polisario 40 years ago at the instigation of Algeria and with the active support of Gaddafi.


Actually, after the good years when the Polisario could rely on the support of Colonels Boumediene and Gaddafi, after the death of Hugo Chavez, and after the political retirement of Fidel Castro, things turned nasty. Today, only about thirty African and Latin American countries still recognize the pseudo-Republic.


Elsewhere in the world, no major capital takes seriously the viability of the sham Republic in a regional context marked by chronic instability.


Faced with such a bitter diagnosis, the panicked leaders of the separatist front try desperately to fill the gaps of what has become a resounding diplomatic failure. Yet, these diplomatic problems are not really the Polisario’s problems. They are rather Algeria’s, since it is Algeria that finances and equips the separatist front and since it is the Algerian lobbying machine that enables the Saharawi Front to campaign abroad for its lost cause.


Without the Algerian passports and without the Algerian diplomatic staff, the Polisario leaders would be unable to organize any activity abroad. The Algerian regime, which has the upper hand on the Polisario’s survival, has come to the same distressing conclusion as to the diplomatic debacle of their puppet.


Yet, all these setbacks and failures do not prevent Algerian rulers from continuing on the same path. What is most important for them is to keep the Polisario as a thorn in the side of Morocco and to torpedo the autonomy plan, although this plan was welcomed by the international community as “serious and credible.” It is obviously from this angle that we must consider the diplomatic exhilaration of the Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra.