Portuguese parliament rejects solidarity motion with Takbar Haddi

The Portuguese parliament rejected, on Friday, resolutions submitted by some parties that are hostile to Morocco's territorial integrity, aimed at expressing solidarity with the so-called Takbar Haddi.

Deputies from the government coalition parties, namely the social democrat party and the democratic and social center party, voted against the solidarity motion presented by the left parties.

The failure of this attempt exposed the allegations of Takbar Haddi who is trying to use the death of her son Mohamed Lamine Haidala, who passed away in a common law crime, to undermine the Kingdom's territorial integrity.

Haidala succumbed to his wounds in a hospital in Agadir following a brawl with the neighbors in Laayoune.

"This case has been used for political ends with no relation whatsoever with the reality," said a statement by the dignitaries of the Laaroussiyine tribe.

They affirmed that the polisario incited the woman called Tekber Haddi, whose son died on February 8 in a brawl with the neighbors, to travel to Las Palmas, stage a sit-in in front of the Moroccan consulate and start a defamation campaign against Morocco, disrespectful of her son's blood which she traded for a deceitful campaign, instead of resorting to legal and human rights institutions inside the country.