Powerful Groupings Inconceivable With Fictitious entities: Mezouar

Making progress towards setting up powerful regional groupings is inconceivable with fictitious and illegal entities which do not meet any political condition of a nation-state, said on Friday, minister of Foreign affairs and cooperation Salaheddine Mezouar.

“This kind of grouping will never be successful,” stressed Mezouar in a speech read on his behalf by the secretary general of the ministry Nasser Bourita during the inaugural symposium of the 29th edition of Al-Mouatamid Ibn Abbad University in Asilah.

“How can such unions manage to preserve their credibility while including separatist groups closely linked to terrorism and organized crime”, wondered the minister during this symposium held under the theme “Nation States and Regional Unions in the Countries of the South”.

How can these unions take responsible and serious decisions in the presence of fictitious entities in clear-cut inconsistency with international legitimacy? How can they successfully set up partnerships with other groupings and countries while they have among them entities not even recognized by other member states, Mezouar went on to wonder.