The president of the Forum Crans Montana:"We don't have any lessons to receive from Algeria"

The president of the Forum Crans Montana, Jean Paul Carteron, put the Algerian régime in its place,when affirming that he doesn't have any lessons to receive about the organization of this big forum that will take place in Dakhla from March 12th through March 14th.

"The Algerian attacks don't interest me. In 30 years of the forum's existence, I have met more of 100.000 personalities in the world," The Crans Montana président, Jean Paul Carteron, told LE360 in a press conference organized this Friday in Rabat . "Algeria doesn't have the right to tell me: you don't have the right to speak," he has hammered.

Speaking about the choice of the city of Dakhla to shelter this Forum, Jean Paul Carteron underlined that this choice rested on three measurements: "history, heart and reason." And to add: "It is a city of peace, hope and future for Africa."

The president of this NGO doesn't hide his admiration for the kingdom, the sovereign and the Moroccan people. "I wrote to the king of Morocco to tell to him that the country is great, full of joy and hope," he confided while underlining "the marvelous things to enjoy in this country, notably the Sahara where there were huge investments in big projects". "Dakhla is a center of gravity between the North and the South. It is a pity that some problems subsist since 40 years." Morocco "is guided by a clear-sighted sovereign, a country that has a vision, a country that drew a premonitory way." A country where light never" dies out, he has written.

The South, is a promise of future.
"The North has bankruptcy struggles in political, financial, political and social crises," regretted the president of the Forum in revelation that his NGO is oriented southbound carrier of hope and growth henceforth. "We want, to our level, to bring our stone in the building of this Africa that emerges", he has confided.

Otherwise, the President of the Forum reviewed the historic contributions of Crans Montana when he had in 1992 contributed to bring closer the two Cyprus and also in 1994 when, contrary to all expectations, he had succeeded in uniting the Israeli leader, Shimon Perez, and the late president Yasser Arafat.

"We contributed to make advancement in these things", indicated this ambassador itinerary of the ISESCO.