The President of The Royal Elcano Institute, one of Spain’s major think tanks, called for a solution to the Sahara conflict based on a large autonomy of the territory under Moroccan sovereignty.

Emilo Lamo Espinosa, the president of Real Instituto Elcano, told the press on Monday that an independent Sahara “will not be viable as a state.”

The President of Spain’s most prestigious Think Tank, created by Crown Prince Felipe, said that the ideal solution to the conflict is that Sahara” remains under Moroccan sovereignty, but with a high degree of autonomy and self-government. “

“We think an independent Sahara would not be viable as a state, and therefore we are obliged to seek an understanding probably under Moroccan sovereignty but with a high degree of autonomy and self-government,” he was quoted by Europe Press as saying.

He has also stated that the international community must work to convince “the parties” in order to reach an “understanding between Morocco and Algeria,” thus, pave the way to the promotion of peace and economic growth in the Maghreb region, which is one “one of the priority areas for Spanish foreign policy.”