Reports show increased cooperation between ''Polisario'' and AQIM (Swedish journalist)

Reports of increased cooperation between Polisario and the Al-Qaeda terrorist group in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), said the Swedish journalist Bengt Nilsson G, for whom Morocco is "one of the few countries in the region to actively fight against Islamist terrorists".

It is in this sense that "Morocco must have the support of Sweden in its fight against Islamic terrorism," he added in a recent article published by the newspaper 'Svenska Dagbladet' ', noting that the terrorist attack in Paris "is a stark reminder of how important it is for European countries to choose the right allies in the world."

Swedish journalist also said that in recent years, '' Al-Qaeda is established in the northwest of Africa in the form of AQIM group. '' "The movement was heavily involved in terrorist attacks and the occupation for two years in northern Mali," he stressed, adding that "more and more are reports of increased cooperation between Polisario and AQIM. "

"AQIM finances its terrorist activities through drug trafficking and large-scale trafficking in this region of Africa," according to Swedish journalist, adding that Swedish Johan Gustafsson was kidnapped by an Islamist terrorist group somewhere in this vast desert region.

"It is quite possible that it is in the part of Western Sahara controlled by the Polisario according to G. Nilsson

The reporter warned against possible recognition by Sweden '' of a terrorist organization that claims to represent the people of Western Sahara. "

For a country to obtain diplomatic recognition, a number of criteria must be met insists the Swedish journalist, that the country must have a defined territory, a permanent population and a government that controls the territory.

However, "Western Sahara meets none of these requirements," adding that the debate in Sweden "on Morocco and Western Sahara reflects a political immaturity and poor knowledge of political realities."

"Morocco is currently struggling against Islamist militants on several fronts," said Swedish journalist, adding that the Moroccan security services arrested last December over 30 people who were preparing attacks.

This is how this country is to receive a Swedish support in the fight against Islamist terrorism, says Nilsson G.