"The final report of the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General, Christopher Ross, whose adoption is scheduled for today by the Security Council, is a shameful retreat."

It's death to the heart, thus wrote the Algerian newspaper "Le Courrier d'Algerie ', containing the officially dictated  comments on the' sad turn 'for the Algerian government, which investmed hugely in the underming  of the sovereignty of Morocco in the Sahara, illustrated by the project to distort the mandate of MINURSO. 



Shooting blindly in all directions, it was the turn of Christopher Ross, who is close to those holding the real power in Algiers,drawing fire from media outlets and orientation of the regime. 



"After reading the final report of the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General for Western Sahara, Christopher Ross, one is surprised to be sceptical to say the least", the newspaper Le Courrier d'Algerie comented ', in an editorial on the subject entitled "A Shameful Retreat." 



"The fact that Ross was content to draw up a summary report of his mission, which was cold and soul less, is proof that he refuses to become more involved and, therefore, to consider any sanction against Morocco so he finally accepts the principle of keeping the famous referendum, "said the enraged columnist. 


"Ross, who Rabat withdrew its confidence in him for months, blocking any UN initiative or actions during this time before returning to their senses, Ross failed to remain faithful to the principles of impartiality, which seemed to be his, to enact its rules of conduct, and so irritated the Makhzen " so that it becomes ulcerated. 


"Going through the report, because reading it is equated with a simple (not to say vulgar) report rather than a firm and determined draft resolution, we can only point out that it has promoted and given pride to Moroccans' the author foamed. 


"The very fact that perpetuate the status quo, in fact, and evacuated the issue of human rights, is a Moroccan victory that seemed unexpected, and frankly surreal, there is that just a few days, if not downright few hours "the  suffering editorialist said.