Sahara: AU's appointment of so-called special envoy runs counter international law, think tank

Brussels - The appointment by the African Union (AU) of a so-called special envoy for the Sahara runs counter rules laid down in international law, said the Euro-Mediterranean center for cooperation and citizen diplomacy.

The AU cannot deal with an issue that does come under the UN exclusive competence, said the Brussels-based think tank, noting that the international law cannot give legitimacy to such decision.

The center underlined that the appointment by the AU of a special envoy for the Sahara is null and void especially since this regional organization is intrinsically the problem and not the solution.

The AU cannot be the judge and a party to the conflict which it is supporting through the admission of a fake member state, said president of the center Latifa Aït-Baala, wondering how it legitimizes the principle of non-interference applied within the AU and does not apply it outside the Union to a sovereign non member state.