New York - Thanks to its autonomy initiative, Morocco has “already done its part in the search for compromise” on the Sahara issue, said, Monday in New York, Morocco’s ambassador to the UN, Mohamed Loulichki.

Morocco has “done its part on the path to reaching a compromise. The ball is in the court of the other parties to show realism, pragmatism, but also a real political will to solve this dispute,” said the Moroccan ambassador before the 4th Committee of the UN.


This initiative is “the expression of a historic compromise” in that it “meets all the parameters” established by the UN Security Council, and fosters a “win-win approach,” the diplomat added.


“For our part, this will has been incorporated into an unprecedented, courageous and perfectible autonomy initiative,” noted Loulichki, regretting that “the other party strives to maintain the status quo, holding dogmatic and maximalist approaches, and to favor the status quo, with all the risk such an attitude presents for all the peoples of the region: risks of instability, insecurity, terrorism and separatism.”


For the ambassador, it is “paradoxical and therefore unsustainable to discuss, argue, and negotiate successive solution frameworks, and retreat to the position of mere observer when it comes to taking action, negotiations,” adding that it is ” time to choose, it’s time to take responsibility.”


Touching on the attempts of the President of the Commission of the African Union to gatecrash this issue, the ambassador insisted, while addressing his peers, that “the UN is the only authority charged with finding a solution to this issue, and supporting the efforts of the parties to reach it.