Several members of the polisario front have recently met in Gjijimat in the region of Tifariti at the buffer zone between Morocco and Algeria, to voice adherence to Morocco's autonomy proposal to put an end to the Sahara dispute. The participants, who held their meeting at a time when the polisario is organizing its so-called congress in the buffer zone, voiced their support to Morocco's plan since it "guarantees, in a permanent, imprescriptible, and constitutional manner, the political, economic, social and cultural rights inside Morocco." This plan, they underlined, ensures "the conditions of honorable return [to Morocco], within the framework of democracy, freedom and respect of human rights," expressing their hope the solution would also "provide for compensation for material and moral losses sustained."

Deploring the negative impact of this conflict on the Sahara inhabitants, and the failure of the previous settlement initiatives, the participants decried the "lack of democracy and transparence that marks the present polisario leadership, the absolutism of the members of this leadership, who confiscate our future," denouncing the "absence of a will to open up on peace and engage in positive negotiations to put an end to this conflict."