Seized Vessel in South Africa: Court's Decision is Political With Legal, Judicial Coverage

 Deputy minister in charge of Relations with the Parliament and Civil Society, government spokesman, Mustapha El Khalfi, described, on Thursday, as political with legal and judicial coverage the decision by a south African court to submit the case of the seizure of a ship carrying Moroccan phosphate cargo for a judgment on substance.


This decision, which is totally opposite to international law, is an "attempt to disrupt the UN process that is working to resolve this dispute and constitutes a flagrant violation of the provisions relating to freedom of maritime traffic," said El Khalfi at a press briefing following the weekly Cabinet meeting.


It is also a dangerous and unprecedented development with a political dimension," he said, adding that Morocco was convinced of the strength and relevance of its legal case, since the investments in the southern provinces concerning phosphates are carried out within the framework of international law and the provisions of national sovereignty.


The OCP Group, as an independent company, has undertaken a series of measures and issued a statement on this subject, pointing out that OCP explained to its partners and the whole world the volume of investments in the southern provinces and their positive impact on the population.