Fodé SECK Ambassadeur Représentant permanent du Sénégal auprès des Nations Unies

The autonomy plan presented by Morocco provides an appropriate framework for a lasting solution to the dispute over the Sahara, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Senegal to the United Nations Gorgui Ciss said Friday in New York.


“We believe that this initiative, developed in good faith, is more than ever an appropriate framework for a happy and lasting solution to this dispute on the basis of a dynamic and realistic compromise,” he pointed out before the 4th Committee of the General Assembly of the UN.


The autonomy plan is likely to strengthen the unity of the Maghreb countries and to create the conditions for a better coordination of policies and initiatives so as to facilitate optimal exploitation of the significant opportunities in these countries in the benefit of all their peoples, he added.


The Moroccan initiative will also help address the” daunting challenges” facing the region, including terrorism, transnational organized crime, drug and human trafficking as well as smuggling, the Senegalese diplomat noted. A negotiated political solution based on the Moroccan initiative is also likely to help handle the issue of population in the Tindouf camps, he said.


Mr. Ciss reiterated the support of his country to the political process, conducted under UN auspices, to reach a political, negotiated and mutually acceptable solution and hailed “the renewed commitment of the Moroccan authorities to continue their efforts to ensure the success of the political process conducted under the aegis of the United Nations.”


He also praised efforts made by the Kingdom to boost economic and social development of the Sahara region, in particular the launch on November 2015 of a new development model of the southern provinces, with a budget of 7.7 billion dollars which should eventually create 120,000 new jobs.


The Senegalese diplomat welcomed the decision of Morocco to rejoin its “African family”, adding that his country as well as 27 other member countries of the African Union (AU) sent a motion to the current Chairman of AU in which they hail the kingdom’s decision to rejoin the African Union.