Separatist thesis is declining despite increasing attempts to undermine Kingdom’s territorial integrity

Despite increasing attempts to undermine Morocco’s territorial integrity of, the separatist thesis is experiencing a steady decline, said Thursday in Rabat, Minister of Communication, government spokesman, Mustapha El Khalfi.

"While there is a growing number of provocation attempts and violation of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, there has been a decline in separatist thesis and separatist propaganda attractiveness" noted Mr. El Khalfi , speaking on the latest developments of the Sahara issue, during press briefing after the council of government.

In this context, the Minister stressed that the government places as highest priority rejection of any kind of maneuver to undermine the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and is working to ensure the achievement of this goal through political, diplomatic and development channels, adding that the government ensures, on the domestic political front, the implementation of the advanced regionalization process. He noted in this regard that the draft organic laws on decentralization are currently in their final phase.

Concerning development, Mr. El Khalfi said that the local economic and social development process continues, adding that the government also acts diplomatically to thwart maneuvers of opponents in the community of nations.

Mr. El Khalfi stressed address to the nation by King Mohammed VI on the occasion of 39th anniversary of the Green March in which the Sovereign had said that "Morocco will remain in its Sahara, and Sahara in Morocco until the end of time. "

The minister stressed in this connection that the Kingdom presented the autonomy initiative in the southern provinces considered serious, realistic, responsible and credible to reach a final solution to this artificial dispute, saying the no prejudicial action can be accepted to the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and attempts to divert lines framing the process.