Settling the Sahara issue will help to establish better stability in the African Sahel, said MP Gilles Pargneaux, underlining the need to find a political solution to this dispute under the United Nations.

“It is necessary to find a solution to the Sahara issue in order to establish better security in the Sahel and Sahara region,” Pargneaux told the press following a meeting with speaker of the Moroccan House of Representatives, Karim Ghellab.

The French parliamentarian called on the European Union to discuss with Morocco the means to contribute to the development of democracy in the north African kingdom, underlining the need to intensify contacts to allow for the Advanced Status – that the EU has granted Morocco – to provide further trade and economic opportunities.

He said Ghellab’s visit to the European Parliament is an occasion to discuss a number of issues, especially talks for the conclusion of an agreement on fisheries, the Sahara dispute and the consolidation of political ties between the Moroccan and European lawmaking institutions.

The speaker’s visit comes after meetings and talks he had in June with the heads of several European Parliament groups on developing Morocco-EU ties through their parliaments.