Shots on the border: Mezouar described the Algerian speech "pathetic"

Amid the unprecedented strain in relations between Morocco and Algeria, Rabat called for an investigation to probe the shooting of a group of Moroccan citizens by the Algerian army at the countries’ border.

Morocco’s foreign Minister, Salaheddine Mezouar, made the call before the parliament on Tuesday. “Morocco calls for an investigation commission to enable the international public to know who is telling the truth and who bears responsibility,” Mezouar said.

Commenting on the reaction of the Algerian authorities, who accused Rabat of fabricating evidence about the shooting, Mezouar said that the ”kingdom will exert more pressure in order to know who provokes crises.” He added that Morocco “will deal with its eastern neighbor with firmness and determination in all issues related to sovereignty.”

In a statement reflecting the recent deterioration of the relationship between the two countries because of its support to Polisario, the Moroccan Minister said that the way Algeria deals with Morocco is “miserable” , “outdated” and “does not respect the rules of good neighborliness, the common interests of both countries and the historical ties between the two peoples.”

The relationship between Morocco and Algeria has been damaged because of the Polisario Front, a separatist entity that seeks to obtain the independence of the “Western Sahara”, a disputed territory that is under Morocco’s sovereignty.

Tensions between Rabat and Algiers escalated in recent weeks after the Algerian military opened fire on ten Moroccan civilians at the border between the two countries. The incident, which took place on October 18, left one person seriously injured.

Morocco condemned the shooting and denounced as an irresponsible “act that adds to other provocative actions recently recorded at the borders.”