Spain: son of polisario officer denounces mysterious disappearance of father in Algeria, holds polisario responsible

Madrid - The son of a polisario high-ranking officer Ahmed Khalil, who was tasked with monitoring human rights and security in the camps of Tindouf, denounced the mysterious disappearance of his father on the Algerian soil, holding the polisario separatists responsible for his abduction.

"The polisario leadership is the first responsible for the disappearance of my father since Jan. 2009 when he was in Algeria, said Rachid Khalil who has been living in Saint Sebastian (north of Spain) since 2005, adding that his family did not receive any news of Ahmed Khalil for 6 years.

"We want justice", the young Sahrawi told Spanish news agency EropaPress, condemning the oppression and lack of freedom on the camps of Tindouf (south-western Algeria).

Rachid Khalil added that he thinks is father is kept in an Algerian military prison, while blasting over the blackout on this case by the polisario leadership and Algerian authorities.

Rachid Khalil lodged a complaint last October with the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances in Geneva concerning his father.