Washington - The inclusive and all-round development that the Southern provinces have witnessed is the fruit of the insightful vision of HM King Mohammed VI, who launched a set of economic, social and legal reforms that made this progress and prosperity possible, the prestigious American think-tank Foreign Policy Research (FPRI) said Monday.

Prosperity in southern Morocco is a credit to HM king Mohammed VI, "whose economic and legal reforms have made it possible", underlined author of this analysis, Ahmed Charai, publisher and member of the board of trustees of several think tanks. 


Thanks to this prosperity, this part of Morocco has become attractive to foreign investors, the author noted, adding that foreign investors and Western firms have built hotels, corporate installations and port facilities. 


Meanwhile, HM the king has pressed the government to finance airports, schools, hospitals, water and power plants spending ê10 billion since 2001, the American think tank noted. 


In this regard, FPRI highlighted the latest large-scale projects launched by HM the king in these provinces, including a fertilizer facility and a new port, all poised to create new jobs in Laayoune. 


The think tank also shed light on the broad, multi-million-dollar socioeconomic development plan that has been launched in Dakhla, adding that it aims to modernize the city and create opportunities for the population. 


"As in a similar project launched last year in the regional capital Laayoune, the plan calls for direct investment in industry, services, fisheries, agriculture, and tourism and the extension and improvement of basic infrastructure," FPRI argued. 


These projects stand to change the lives of Morocco's Saharan population, the same source added, pointing out that "their relatives in the Polisario camps meanwhile yearn for the life offered in Southern Morocco: They want their leaders to reach a peace settlement with the kingdom so that they, too, may enjoy prosperity and freedom."