The suicide of a teenager plunges Polisario into embarrassment

She returned, last week, to the camp of El Ayoun, where her divorced mother and her older sister lived.

This is the story of a girl who was born in the camps of Tindouf and who has never left them. This summer, she was selected to go to the summer camps, or more accurately, to stay with a Spanish family.

Before leaving, she, as well as other members of her family, had asked to benefit from interfamily visits organized by the auspices of UNHCR in order to visit her family in the southern provinces of Morocco.

The Polisario leaders, scalded by the number of people who left for Morocco and then preferred to never come back to Tindouf, put an end to these exchange programs that allowed family members to meet. It was also, for some of them, an opportunity to stay in their mother country.

Prior to her departure to Spain, the young lady that committed suicide had planned to join her family established in Boujdour.  The disappointment she experienced upon discovering that the leaders of the Polisario had put an end to the exchange program destroyed her hopes of living a less restrictive and easier life, with more freedom, especially after discovering another world than life at the camps. She therefore chose to put an end to her life rather than to continue to be deprived of all the means that would have offered a life elsewhere.

Before committing this extreme act of despair, the young lady had repeatedly tried to find ways to leave the camps. She tried to go to Mauritania, the only country she thought was accessible without much formalities. But her mother and older sister had noted the change in the teenager’s behavior since her return from Spain and watched her constant moves. Feeling spied upon, subject to an effective imprisonment, the young teenager ended her days.

This unusual decision in the Sahrawi society embarrassed the Polisario leaders, which, to hide the truth, were quick to put up posters in all the popular places at the camp, saying that the girl had problems with her mother and older sister and that her older sister was beating her. News on the radio were also aired, giving the version of events as directed by the Polisario.

This tragedy took place on Friday, Aug. 22, 2014. On that same day, dozens of separatists landed at Mohamed V airport in Morocco. They were coming back from Boumerdes, where they had gone to attend summer school (or summer university) organized by the Polisario. This alleged university is in fact a recycling camp where the Polisario leaders, directed by intelligence officers of the Algerian army, instills destabilizing theories to the participants and then sends them to practice what they learned.

When they arrived at the Mohamed V airport, the separatists refused to comply with customs regulations by organizing a sit-in, which lasted for more than seven hours. When they searched their luggage, customs officers found Polisario flags, megaphones and other means of propaganda.

Rio Deoro from Smara , Morocco