The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Suriname issued today a press release announcing the withdrawal of its recognition of the so-called “SADR,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation said.

“The Republic of Suriname, which recognized the so-called “SADR” on August 21, 1982, said through a statement issued by its Foreign Ministry that this decision is motivated by its desire to adopt a constructive neutrality to support the efforts made by the United Nations and the international community to find a just and mutually acceptable political solution” to the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara, the ministry said in a statement.


On this occasion, Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar held a telephone conversation with Foreign Minister of the Republic of Suriname,  Niermala Badrising, in which he hailed, on behalf of Morocco, this wise decision of the Government of Suriname, announcing the severance of diplomatic relations with the puppet entity of “SADR”.


Mezouar expressed to his Surinamese peer Morocco’s gratitude for the constructive position which falls in line with UN efforts to reach a political and final solution to this regional dispute on the basis of the Moroccan autonomy proposal deemed by the International Community as serious, credible and realistic, the ministry added.