Sweden reiterates neutrality and support for UN process, Moroccan delegation

Swedish officials reaffirmed their neutrality over the Sahara issue and their support for the talks process brokered by the UN to reach a mutually acceptable political settlement for this regional dispute, said members of the delegation of Moroccan parties visiting Stockholm.

Following two days of intense meetings, the Swedish party reiterated its attachment to the neutrality adopted by all EU countries regarding the conflict over the Sahara, said representatives of the Moroccan political parties.

The emphasis was laid on the need to continue the dialogue and promote bilateral cooperation politically and economically while fully respecting the Kingdom's territorial integrity, they said, insisting on the pressing need for the Moroccan society to remain alert in order to counter any prejudice to the Moroccan sovereignty.

The delegation said it had provided details on the real situation in the southern provinces and the geostrategic dimensions of the Sahara issue, warning against the negative impact of the persistence of this conflict on peace and security in the Maghreb.

The delegation met mainly with speaker of the Swedish parliament Urban Ahlin, chairman of the foreign affairs committee Kenneth G Forslund, minister of investment and innovation Mikael Dumberg, and director general of political affairs at the foreign ministry Anna-Karin Enestrom.