"The terrified" : A film showing human rights violations and child abuse made by polisario

"The terrified," a new documentary film (57 Minutes) about Human Rights in North Africa discussing many aspects of women & children rights violations as well as obstruction of freedom of speech & movement in North African Region. The film is produced by a Lebanese NGO ITCR Center (International Training & Conflict Resolution Center) in cooperation with the (International Network of Civic Activists for supporting Autonomy) INCASA focusing on violations of human rights in Tindouf camps, South-West of Algeria.

The film shooting took place in middle of February 2011 in Laayoune city, Southern Moroccan provinces with six major characters who are returnees from Tindouf camps. In the film, these characters spoke about their life & experiences inside Tindouf camps since 1975 focusing on miserable situations of Sahrawi women daily life inside camps, issue of Sahrawi children forcibly deported to Cuba, as well torturing inside POLISARIO FRONT Prisons.