Tindouf population census is crucial to end humanitarian aid embezzlement

Brussels - Several European MPs from the different political groups at the European Parliament called, in an open letter to the UNSG, for conducting a census of Tindouf camps populations southwestern Algeria, deeming it a crucial phase to stop the mass and organized embezzlement of humanitarian aid for over four decades.

"We share the concerns stated in your latest report on the difficult conditions endured by the Tindouf camps populations and we are convinced that the first phase to ease their sufferings is conducting a headcount," they told Ban Ki-moon.

Knowing the exact number of these populations is very important as the EP and other international donors are facing a growing number of humanitarian crises worldwide which is draining their budgets, they said.

Recalling that the European Anti-Fraud Office concluded in 2007 that the absence of a census of Tindouf camps populations is the main factor that made humanitarian aid embezzlement possible, they underlined that this situation which lasted 4 decades is a source of serious concerns especially in a context of budget austerity.