Madrid – Algerian and Polisario security forces have responded with more violence to crack down on the upsurge of social unrest in the Tindouf camps, stronghold of the Polisario in southwestern Algeria, reports Spanish info site “”.

“The largest demo took place on January 25 in the so-called Smara camp after security forces used violence against three persons,” said Spanish writer and journalist Chema Gil in a story titled “Sahrawis under the repression of Algeria and Polisario: an underlying social explosion in the Tindouf camps.”

”Demonstrators’ anger worsened up as the Polisario leaders showed arrogance,” says the observer who reports that the population assaulted the police camp and forced the local official to flee.

In the so-called Rabbouni camp, the Polisario forces, support by Algerian soldiers intervened to present demonstrators from assaulting the Polisario leader, the analyst goes on illustrating his story with pictures of the violent intervention of forces against demonstrators.