UNSC Resolution on Western Sahara, ‘Significant Victory’ for Morocco: Govt. Chief

Resolution 2218, adopted unanimously Tuesday by the UN Security Council on the Western Sahara issue, is a “significant victory” for Morocco and a “huge defeat” for the enemies of the kingdom’s territorial integrity, Government Chief Abdelilah Benkirane said Thursday.

Communication Minister, Government Spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi said during a press briefing following the weekly cabinet meeting that Benkirane “congratulated HM the King for his wise and enlightened management of the issue of the defense of the unity of the nation and the integrity of its territory”, underlining that it “is necessary to commend this resolution, which is a significant victory for Morocco and a huge defeat of the maneuvers of the enemies of the territorial integrity”.

Benkirane stressed that the resolution, which also provides for extending for one year the MINURSO mandate, is the result of the policy adopted by the Kingdom in its southern provinces, noting that this process ”has yielded its fruits and has reinforced the position of our country on the global level”.

He also noted that the resolution is “the result of a growing awareness internationally of the importance of not playing with the security and stability of countries, nor falling into the trap of creating microcosm states, which are easily infiltrated by networks and other groups that threaten the stability of countries”.