Urgent: a leader of the POLISARIO under intensive care and the front is the first suspect

Sources from refugee camps confirmed that a leader of the Polisario; Mohammed Khadad was transferred to a hospital in Tindouf in southern Algeria. He is in a critical condition and was placed under intensive care since Wednesday evening. Mohammed Khadad is one of the prominent leaders in the organization of the Polisario and holds several positions, including a member of the so-called "national secretary" and General Coordinator with MINURSO.

According to the same sources, Mohammad Khadad has entered into open conflict with the Polisario leader Mohamed Abdelaziz few days ago about the fate of the former leader of #Polisario"Khalil Ahmed Abrih" son of his tribe "Rguibat" who was kidnapped and disappeared .Mohamed Abdelaziz threatened Khadad if he discloses more data on the issue.

Muhammad Khadad has told Human Rights Watch about his ignorance of any information given about the former leader Khalil Ahmed Abrih, which bring him furies and blame from his tribe .