US NGO urges population in Tindouf to seize opportunity of Morocco's autonomy plan

American NGO "Teach the Children International" urged Wednesday the Sahrawi population sequestered in the Tindouf camps in Algeria "to abandon the role of the victim imposed on them" by the leaders of the Polisario and "seize the opportunity offered by the Moroccan autonomy initiative, the only way to enhance their living conditions and restore their dignity".

"Diplomacy may have good resonance, but what the Sahrawi population in the Tindouf camps really need today are programs which can enhance their living conditions and restore their dignity", Nancy Huff, president of the Oklahoma-based NGO said.

"While the population is shut away in the camps in a wait-and-see attitude hoping the UN diplomacy will find a solution to their problems, the solution, in fact, lies in the society project offered by the Moroccan plan", Huff added in her address to the 4th UN Committee.

The population in the Tindouf camps "need meet their parents, brothers and sisters", she went on to say, noting that the Moroccan autonomy initiative is a "real basis for the settlement of this conflict".