US State Department Highlights CNDH's Efforts in Community Compensation

US State Department on Thursday highlighted the efforts of the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) in community compensation, underlining that CNDH has supported, during this period, no fewer than 117 projects related to women's empowerment, income generation and environment preservation.
In the report on Human Rights Practices for 2014, the US State Department notes that CNDH "continued to be a conduit through which citizens expressed complaints about human rights abuses and violation", recalling that in his April 2013 report to the UN Human Rights Council, Special Rapporteur Juan Mendez welcomed the "development of an emerging culture of human rights in Morocco".

The report highlights the efforts of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Reinsertion of Prisoners, which provided educational and professional training to young inmates on the verge of release, adding that the foundation continued to run reform and education centers in 50 of the country’s 76 prisons and worked with 17,991 prisoners.

The report also underlines the government's efforts to improve the status of women in in the workplace, most notably the 2011 constitution mandate for the creation of an Authority for Gender Parity and Fighting All Forms of Discrimination, an institution that was being developed jointly between the parliament and the CNDH.
The document highlights Article 19 of the constitution, which provides for the equal status of women in the realms of civics, politics, economics, social relations, culture, and the environment. The country participated in the Equal Futures Partnership, a multilateral initiative that encouraged member countries to empower women politically and economically.
Furthermore, the US State department stresses that Jews generally live in safety, and the government has provided them appropriate security.