U.S. Western Sahara draft urges respecting human rights, no U.N. monitors

A U.S.-drafted resolution that would renew the U.N. peacekeeping mission in disputed Western Sahara urges all sides to respect human rights but does not ask the United Nations to monitor abuses, according to a text obtained by Reuters on Wednesday.
The resolution, if approved, would have the U.N. Security Council "stressing the importance of improving the human rights situation in Western Sahara and the Tindouf camps, and encouraging the parties to work with the international community to develop and implement independent and credible measures to ensure full respect for human rights."

The U.S. draft, which diplomats say the council is expected to put to a vote on April 29, would also have the council "recognizing and welcoming ... the recent steps and initiatives taken by Morocco to strengthen the National Council on Human Rights Commissions operating in Dakhla and Laayoune."

In addition to renewing MINURSO's mandate for another year, it would also praise Morocco's willingness to cooperate with individual U.N. Human Rights Council investigators.


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  • anon
    Lemrabet Lahrizi (not verified)

    Dear former UN ambassor Mme Rice,

    Everybody is entitled to an opinion, but asking any Algerian Regime official for advise on Human Rights, is like giving a Bank Robber (no reference to Chakib or Khalifa) a tour of the Safety Box Room. If you trust Abdelaziz Bouteflika's Human Social Skills give him your Baby to sit for the Weekend. But the Moroccan Territorial integrity is safe in our care. Only we the Moroccan people will protect our borders against Bank Robbers and Terrorists.

    One thing you agree with us on, and that is, he who finances Terrorism knows abosu-fricking-lutely nothing about Human Rights. Just take a good long hard look at the Tindouf Camps, before lecturing us on how to protect the rights of Terrorists who raising Pirate Flags.

    1. When Tindouf Camp families visit Morocco, they stay in Morocco.
    2. When Moroccans visit Tindouf Camps, they run back to Morocco.
    3. Any questions ?

    Why O why do you want to impose on us failure, is beyond me.
    Could it be that Algerian Petrodollars mysteriously found a way into your bank account Kerry Kennedy?

    All I know is if you drive your car under the influence of AMBIAN, you could also drive your foreign policy views under the influence of a BRIBE. In both cases we ought to get the f*ck out of the way and protect ourselves first, then ask questions later.

    Our position about MINURSO is clear, and from now on, we'll make sure the door remains open wider than MINURSO's Shoulders

    It's your opinion, but our country.

    Go mining for Political Wealth elsewhere. Morocco is an ally of Civilization on Moral grounds, not to become a prey to corrupt Political Hacks like the has-been Mrs RFK's daughter.

    Apr 25, 2014
  • anon
    Lemrabet Lahrizi (not verified)

    One more tiny point..

    If in 1975, the Moroccan people did not sacrifice their well-being in the Green March, the Polisario would have raised its Flag on Beachfront Camps.. and Pirates would have had access to the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, on the other side of which is your Beachfront Mme Rice.

    We not only recovered our occupied territory from colonialists, we also protected America from acts you have only heard about off of the Somali shores in the last decade. You ought to thank us instead of being against the security of America.

    We don't appreciate you being against the security of the Moroccan Kingdom either.. Our national security will always be better in the good hands of the Moroccan experts. We're not perfect but we care about your safety and ours.. We do a better job of it, since we know our neighborhood better.

    Come to think of it, not so tiny after all, that point..
    Know whatta-mean ?
    ..toothpick sticking out of the side of the mouth and all!

    All due respect to you Mme Rice
    From a serious admirer.

    God Bless you and God bless America.

    Apr 27, 2014