New York: When the work of 229th and 230th sessions of special operations peacekeeping opened on Thursday at UN headquarters in New York, a verbal altercation broke out between the Moroccan and Algerian ambassadors on Sunday.

It all began, according to the UN news agency, when the representative of Algeria, in this commission,  Mourad Benmehidi stressed the uniqueness of the United Nations Mission for the organization of Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO), regretting that it has no component of "human rights." 


That's when the representative of Morocco, Soumia Bouhamidi, called a point of order, holding that the Algerian representative  "Algeria was not talking about a mission of peace in particular." 


"Algeria does not have a lesson to teach Morocco",  she added, according to the Algerian site Bouhamidi  also answered  the Algerian ambassador with the  "massive violations and large-scale human rights of Sahrawis," ensuring that if "Algeria has nothing else to say, it would be better to show  more interested in what happens in its internal affairs. "