War raging inside the house of Polisario

Contrary to what promoted by the horns publicity Algerian desert that you want to create a consensus artificial Although outputs some leaders in the compound Rabouni the leadership of the Polisario Front is witnessing a war hidden raging between between the poles of the front has floated this topic differences on the surface, although cover severe and media blackout about the backstage this conflict.


Our sources from the Tindouf camps southeast Algeria revealed that the conflict rages between traditional leadership led by Abdul Aziz Marrakech supportive of the party's old guard and the young leaders backed by some of the returnees from northern Mali after fighting between French troops and armed groups in the region, has focused this topic differences over the outlook comprehensiveness of the conflict and the way management negotiations and Kherjat media and the situation human rights inside the camps and the desire of traditional leadership prolong the conflict for being the biggest beneficiary in the survival of the conflict for being the accumulation of big money at the expense of the suffering of the families in the camps that live situation miserably compared with ترفل footnote Abdul Aziz and his aides and the beneficiaries of his policy.


The same source said that what sharpened the differences is the failure of leadership in passing the proposed U.S. judge expanded mission MINURSO Sahara despite the large amounts of money that spotted her by Algeria and the Polisario and CDA failure of leadership in moving the desert cities and the exploitation of Morocco this topic Alahaddat for him after he evolved into acts of sabotage and violence .