We Won’t Allow Anyone to Undermine our Territorial Integrity: King Mohammed VI

Firmness, solidarity, and credibility; these are the values which underpin Morocco’s foreign relations, stated the Sovereign in a speech on the occasion of Throne Day, July 30, 2015.

These values serve as ‘one’ in the Moroccan foreign policy model to “safeguard the nation’s best interests,” with the domestic policy designed to serve the citizens.

“Don’t allow it, don’t tolerate it,” just do it. This slogan summarizes the communicational strategy of firmness which needs several tools to be achieved in Morocco. For instance, to achieve the objective of this strategy in the Kingdom’s Southern Provinces (the so-called Western Sahara), Morocco should follow the advanced regionalization scheme, as well as the development model of these provinces to keep their unity.

“Morocco will do whatever it takes to defend its best interests. It will never allow anyone to undermine its sovereignty, territorial integrity, or social model; nor will it tolerate any attempt to harm its institutions or offend the dignity of its citizens,” the King stated.

To mark the 39th anniversary of the Green March, the Sovereign said “No” five times. “No” to the modification of the regional conflict’s nature. “No” to the revision of negotiation principles, including the mandate of MINURSO. “No” to complacency. “No” to place on the same footing oa “member state” at the United Nations with the POLISARIO separatist movement. “No” to legitimizing the lawless state.

However, as Morocco is a flexible country well-versed in adaptation, this slogan of”Just Do It” is not final. “This does not mean the case has been closed. Indeed, we all need to remain vigilant and mobilized to thwart the schemes and plots of our adversaries and counter whatever deviation there may be from the UN settlement process,” the King continued.