Young Saharawi Holding Spanish Citizenship ‘Kidnapped’ in Tindouf Camps

Maloma Morales (22 years), who lives in the Andalusian town of Mairena del Aljarafe, traveled, on December 5, with her adoptive father to Tindouf camps to visit her biological mother who “was suffering from a disease”, the husband of the young Sahrawi said at a press conference in Seville.


On December 12, less than an hour before her return trip to Spain, Maloma was kidnapped, he added.


The adoptive father of Maloma, Jose Morales, was forced to leave the camps in Tindouf and return to Spain without his daughter, the same source said.


The family of the young Saharawi filed a complaint with the Civil Guard and the central government delegation in Seville, denouncing the kidnapping of their adopted daughter by her biological family in Tindouf camps.


José Morales said he managed to contact Maloma, who affirmed that she was held against her will in Tindouf and is monitored all the time by her family that prevents her from free movement.


The case of Maloma is among many cases of of similar kidnappings in the Tindouf camps that surfaced in recent years. In August 2014,  Mahyuba Mohamed Hamdidaf, a young Saharawi woman holding Spanish citizenship was kidnapped in the Tindouf camps as soon as traveled to see her grand-parents who were seriously ill.


Her case stirred an uproar in Spain with many Spanish NGO’s calling on the Polisario to set her free and allow her to leave the Tindouf camps.


On October 29, 2014, she managed to escape from the Tindouf camps and took refuge in the Spanish consulate in Algiers.


In December 2014, the Spanish press reported that another young Saharwi adopted by a Spanish family, had been held against her will in the camps since January 2014. Darya Embarek Selma, 25, had travelled to the camps to see her ailing biological father. But as soon as she arrived in the camps, she was held captive and prevented from returning to Spain.


Last July, Spanish media reported the case of Najiba Mohamed Belkacem, another young Saharawi holding Spanish citizenship, who had been held captive in the Tindouf camps since September 2013. A petition and a Facebook page were launched in Spain to show solidarity with the young woman and urge the Polisario to allow to exercise her freedom of movement.