Ambassador Hilale Puts Down Venezuelan Counterpart at UN Headquarters

Morocco's permanent representative to the UN, ambassador Omar Hilale, has put down the ambassador of Venezuela to the United Nations during a discussion Tuesday at the UN headquarters on the financing of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


In his repeated ideological-political crusade against Morocco, the representative of Venezuela said that the achievement of the SDGs will be accomplished by taking into consideration the occupied territories, such as Palestine and the Moroccan Sahara.


In his reply, ambassador Hilale said that Morocco did not wait for the adoption of the SDGs to launch a model of sustainable development in the Sahara with a budget of 7 billion dollars, adding that the rate of investment in this region ensures a sustainable development with the inclusiveness and participation of all components of its population. "This is not the case for Venezuela, the last standing dictatorship of Latin America," he said.


Ambassador Hilale said that in the Moroccan Sahara, men, women and children have enough food to eat and do not cross borders to buy foodstuff, as is the case in Venezuela.


"More dramatic, Venezuelan children are looking for food in garbage," he said, regretting that the population of the richest country in the region with its oil and gas is condemned to poverty and misery because of the capture of its national wealth by the Chavist dictatorial oligarchy.


Ambassador Hilale added that there can be no sustainable development without democracy, without respect for human rights without the rule of law, deploring the fact that dictatorship and famine dishonor this great country of Latin America.


Speaking directly to his Venezuelan peer, ambassador Hilale asked him to show humility and modesty because he has no lessons to give to Morocco when his regime starves his people and draws daily on the peaceful demonstrators who aspire to nothing but democracy, dignity, and food to survive.