Gdeim Izik: Sentences are ranging from 2 years to life imprisonment

The court of criminal appeal in Sale has sentenced on Wednesday 19th of July, 23 defendants to prison terms ranging from two years to life imprisonment for killing 11 members of security forces during the Gdim Izik riots in November 2010.

The court’s verdict sentenced all of Al machdoufi Ettaki and Zayyou Sidi Abderrahman to two years in prison, 4 and a half years for El Bakkay Laarbi, 6 and a half years for Dich Eddafi, 20 years to Toubali Abdellah Tahlil Mohamed and Khadda Lbachir, 25 years for Dah Hassan Mohamed, Khouna Boubit, Faqir Mohamed, Haddi Mohamed Lamine and Zaoui Lahcen, and finally 30 years for Ennaama Asfari, Banga Shick, and Bouryal Mohamed.

The court of appeals also sentenced Abhah Sidi Abdellah, Al Ismaili Ibrahim, Bani Mohamed, Mohamed Boutankiza Lbachir, Laaroussi Abdeljalil, Lahfawni Abdallah, Lamid Sidi Ahmed and Sbai Ahmed to life imprisonment.

The trial of the 23 defendants was originally convicted on the 17th of February 2013 by the military court of Rabat. The latter handed prison sentences from life imprisonment to 30 years against 24 accused who took the life of 11 and injured 70 law enforcement officers and civilians.