Coordination of Families and Friends of Gdim Izik Events Victims Says Respecting Sentences 'Handed Down After Fair Trial'

The Coordination of families and friends of the victims of the events of Gdim Izik said they respect the sentences handed down, on Wednesday, to 23 accused, and which took place "after a fair trial that has complied with all the guarantees set out in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Moroccan Constitution and the Code of criminal procedure."


The Coordination also described, in a statement sent to MAP, as "disappointing" the "sentences handed down to the accused whose involvement in heinous crimes has been indisputably proved", as well as the decision of the court "rejecting our legitimate and legal requests.”


The criminal court of the Salé Appeal Court on Wednesday morning gave verdicts ranging from two years to life sentence against the accused in the events related to the dismantling of the Gdim Izik camp.


The Coordination hailed all those who have supported the relatives of the victims in one way or another, as well as all those whose help has revealed the truth about the crimes committed against their relatives and the perpetrators of these crimes.


"We have never had feelings of vengeance or hatred towards the accused. In fact, we have always been willing to express our rejection of the death penalty and our adherence to the right to life, and we have no desire to see the mothers and fathers of the accused suffer the same psychological suffering that we have endured as a result of the loss of our children,” said the Coordination, adding that the lawyers have taken this position in their pleadings.


On the other hand, the Coordination noted that the court has presented the evidence, including testimonies, documents, videos and photos, which testify without a doubt to the crimes committed and their perpetrators.


According to the same source, the court also showed "great patience and a spirit of openness that enabled it to look at the circumstances of the deaths of 11 victims of our sons who were in the ranks of the Emergency services, the royal Gendarmerie and the auxiliary Forces, and who were only carrying out their professional and humanitarian duties without committing any act of violence, adding that the victims "did not even react to the unprecedented violence perpetrated against them.”


"The parties supporting the accused have worked, throughout the trial, openly and publicly, to provoke us and to minimize the cruel loss of our children,” the Coordination lamented, adding that these parties have even sought by all means to deprive the families of the right to have their voices heard.


It said that the trial was conducted in good conditions and the court showed a flexible and balanced management of the case, which reassured and satisfied the Coordination.


It also regretted the attitude of the accused who tried to place themselves above the law and the judicial authority and to impose their decisions relating to the refusal to answer the questions of the defense before boycotting the court and refusing to appear.


The Coordination also lauded the decision of the court of cassation to quash the verdict handed down to the defendants by the military court and to refer the case to a civil court, noting that the previous law governing the military court did not allow the families of the victims to become civil parties to the case.