Pegasus: Does the Spanish press attack Morocco to cover up the Catalan spying scandal

Last summer, NSO found itself in the spotlight after a media consortium revealed that the phone numbers of at least 180 journalists, 600 politicians, 85 human rights activists and 65 business leaders had been spied on via its Pegasus software.

Spain throws off colonial legacy by supporting Morocco’s autonomy plan for Sahara

The bold decision announced by the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in support of Morocco’s autonomy plan was near to traumatic for some circles in Spain that continue to view their North African neighbor using colonial lenses.

Spain’s words-actions mismatch in ties with Morocco

Spanish officials and the Spanish monarch have expressed on multiple occasions in recent months readiness to improve ties with Morocco and turn the page on last year escalation, but in the meantime they are repeating the same actions that led to worsening relations with Rabat.

Morocco-Spain: Actions, Not Words Will Help Restore Broken Trust

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has described Morocco as a “strategic partner with which we must walk together”, without announcing tangible actions to help repair the trust his socialist government broke with Rabat.

Western Sahara Issue: When AFP Sails Against UN's Tide

At a time when the international community is reviving hopes of finding a political solution to the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara after the appointment of a new personal envoy of the UN Secretary-General, Agence France-Presse (AFP) is once again playing a negative role.

De Mistura in uphill battle to relaunch UN political process sapped by Algeria

The newly appointed UN Secretary General envoy for the Sahara Staffan de Mistura has started his first visit to the region since taking the job.

Algeria: 2021, another Annus Horribilis for military junta, de facto rulers

Algerians from all walks of life continued to suffer in 2021 from acute shortage of bread, milk, cooking oil, potatoes, sugar, pasta, oxygen for covid-19 patients and ICU beds, while their rulers are squandering the country’s petrodollars on military expenditure.

How Algeria served as a trigger for Morocco’s antifragility

Antifragility is a concept coined by Nicholas Taleb in his book, Antifragile, according to which stressful conditions, shocks, volatility, faults or attacks are all factors that may end up building up an antifragility system strengthening capabilities and preparedness as well as cutting dependenc

The demise of Algerian diplomacy

Algerian diplomacy experiences its darkest years, deepening regional and international isolation, spreading fake news, and blaming other countries for homegrown problems.

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