The demise of Algerian diplomacy

Algerian diplomacy experiences its darkest years, deepening regional and international isolation, spreading fake news, and blaming other countries for homegrown problems.

Is Algeria preparing for military confrontation with Morocco?

The Algerian army is planning to flex its military muscles during a large-scale parade it will conduct in the capital city on 1st Nov. 2021 with eye on Morocco.

Algeria’s self-defeating gas strategy

Algeria’s decision to cut gas supplies to Morocco, Spain and Portugal through the Maghreb-Europe pipeline came to no surprise in view of the counter-intuitive and self-harming decisions taken by the Algerian military rulers in recent years.

A Travesty of Justice

An expeditious hearing for charges worthy of the Nuremberg trial, no attention paid to the victims either on the part of the public prosecutor or the national court (national audience) judge, without forgetting the icing on the cake: the non-indictment of Brahim Ghali, the main accused in at leas

When Algerian Pres. Uses Warmongering Rhetoric against Morocco To Consolidate His Legitimacy

Never without my generals! This is the subliminal message on which the Algerian President Abdelmajid Tebboune built the longish interview granted to the French magazine "Le Point", with a strong warmongering rhetoric against Morocco, his only leitmotif to stay in power.


The Polisario Bids for Western Sahara Despite Human Rights Abuses

Recent events in Western Sahara have reignited hostilities in the region, and it is necessary to adequately understand and address the matter of the Polisario Front. The Polisario Front claims to represent the national liberation interests of the Sahrawi people.

Exposing Algeria’s Double-Talk on Morocco’s Legitimacy over Western Sahara

While Algeria is focusing on thwarting Morocco’s process to complete its territorial sovereignty, Western Sahara and Sahrawi people are experiencing unprecedented socio-economic prosperity.


Morocco’s Sahara Diplomacy Outclassing Algeria’s ‘False Allegations’

The recent waves of diplomatic openings in Laayoune and Dakhla point to an epoch-making shift in paradigm in the Western Sahara dispute

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