Response to “Democracy Now”

The documentary is far from being objective. With my respect for freelance journalist and journalist, this documentary is not a report but only a preconceived scenario. The team did not meet all the political activists and human right activists in the region, and did not present the various visions, he met only some elements who work according to the separatist agenda under the guise of human rights, he did not put in plan the meeting of the Sahrawi organizations defending the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco, of which the Sahara is an integral part.

The watcher of the documentary can realize the normal dealing of life in the city of Laayoune, and that the sporadic shots in different places and spaced in time, in which the security force elements are intended aiming to make crisis ; the Talking about Gadaym Izik, in which the social claims of the population are exploited with rumours about The possibility of benefiting from the proceeds in exchange, to modify claims and give them a political character, all this can not be a sight of the daily living of the population.

It is also noted that the music accompanying the documentary is taken from the revolutionary songs of the Polisario wich viol the principles of neutrality and impariality of an objective documentray.

The Sahrawis do not need those organizations or governments who fuel the fire. This has not benefited our parents and our families who are still being held in camps in the Algerian city of Tindouf for more than 43 years, under the pretext of collective asylum,  and has not help them to return in their homeland, the Kingdom of Morocco, They are not recognized even as refugees free to move.. Where are the Tindouf camps ? and who are in charge of them ? and have the right to administer them ? ... Questions must be answered before anything .. A right must be defended above all .. The right to return to their homeland Moroccan Sahara.

Western governments are robbing Morocco in its Sahara territory for its wealth, and sometimes sending its organizations to blackmail Morocco and sometimes to distribute humanitarian aids in the Tindouf camps, which pay their money for the good they are robbed of. Think about a solution that will end the suffering instead of pouring oil on the fire and perpetuating the problem. You have to support the Moroccan initiative of large autonomy to end the conflict, and by the way to end the sahrawi population suffering.

In Laayoune ,  September the 1st 2018

The president Hassana KAZIZA

Tél: +212615503803
Soldarity Sahrawi
Alliance for Defending the Territorial Integrity