We stopped when I became the master policeman !!! .. Shouldn't I be a grateful servant?

Shouldn't I be certain that I have been liberated, and that I have a state of my own in place of the house that was destroyed, and a nation of my own in place of my family that was torn apart and my two sisters who were killed?


So I  sang:

The place is good and singing is in order, so you have peace from me, land of my ancestors.


And I got married. I built a respectable house from "bricks" and had four sons. when I became a father and saw how my children looked up to me and how loved them. I remembered I had a father !!! And that since thirty years he has been burning longing to embrace me.


My father?  my father ? Where is my father? My father is in a lion’s mouth but he remains my father and I have to take a risk to see him. Maybe it is not a need for me, but it must definitely be his greatest wish.


I ventured and went to visit my father, and no need to tell you how I felt when I entered the Guergarat crossing in the spring of 2010, I had goosebumps from my head to toe, as if my feet stepped into the dark forest land where dominates the monster we had heard of since childhood.


The distance from Guergarat to the city of Smara is not short, but I did not feel its length, because my mind and all my souls were taken, because at any moment a monster might jump out of the window and tear us out of the car, or a storm might takes us, or an eclipse falls on us from the sky. I did not notice until a traffic sign appeared in front of me that read “Smara 7 km”.


I could not believe myself, I was finally there.. Finally, after 31 years of separation, I met my father safe and sound, in a house bigger than our old house, well furnished. I had to hug and touch him, to make sure I wasn't in a dream.


Do not think that I am exaggerating.. As my father was living in the city of Smara, which is controlled by the monster, It is inconceivable that I find him alive and even less that he would be in better conditions than me. Or did you forget? Don't make me feel that everything you taught me about the monster occupying our city and capturing our people was all a lie.


Now I will keep up with you and keep quiet. To let you answer, whether Smara was controlled by a monster or you were lying?


The story continues...


 Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud is a former police chief of the Polisario Front, and political dissident.